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I wanted to make sure you were gone first…

It’s a mix of missing you, but also knowing that what I feel or say doesn’t mean a thing.

You leave me broken shattered alive…

That’s a terrible lifestyle to have

Wow. Was not expecting that. Definitely not from my family. Man I really am a broken fuck up.

You ruined me and you don’t give a damn. That’s what hurt. Knowing that you couldnt give a fuck about me.

It’s just funny how you tried to bullshit me and say you care. But you don’t. Then I text you because the shoe fit. Then you make some rude ass post on here. Maybe you’ll realize how much I gave and how shitty you made me feel with your lies and bullshit. Thats why I’m done with you. You’ve ruined me and I need to be happy for once. Good luck trying to find a guy who wants more than just to fuck you and will actually care about you the way I did.

Maybe you’ll realize how much I loved and care about you. Who knows you probably won’t

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